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About Company

At Ten Capital, we pride ourselves on the special attention, service and dedication we give to each client.  We tailor each client’s portfolio to match their specific needs.  We recognize that no two clients are the same and there is no set recipe or formula that can be uniformly applied.

At the heart of Ten Capital’s strategic recommendations is complete focus on a due diligence that includes quantitative, qualitative and operational analysis of hedge funds. Our recommendations regarding money manager selection are based on exceptionally thorough research.  We invest tremendous time towards this rigorous process because we believe that there is no shortcut or substitute possible. We strongly believe that our process is the best and only way to identify truly valuable opportunities for clients.


We present each client with a personalized investment plan that explains the logic of the asset allocation, investment strategy, and manager selection we’ve developed to match our clients’ risk / reward profile.  Once the plan is put to action, we equally emphasize the on-going monitoring of the managers we selected for the portfolio.  It is not a “Buy & Hold” approach but an “Invest and CONSTANTLY watch” method.  Avoiding the biggest losers in a portfolio is a very effective way to enhance overall performance.

Our Mission

To provide professional, thoughtful & objective advice to our clients regarding their hedge fund investments and to perform “best-in-class” due diligence to deliver the highest level of transparency.

Ronen Schwartzman

CEO, Founder